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ALPHA is developed by Life Research Wellness in collaboration with scientists in biochemistry and biophysics. The researchers studied the effects of utilising a combination of various energy waves ranging from high electrical potential, ultra-long waves of electromagnetic field, far infrared, to thermobustion for treatment and enhancement of health and wellness by activating the meridian systems in the tradition of TCM.

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NU WATER OF LIFE is a comprehensive water filter system designed to enhance your water drinking experience through a balanced technology of both chemistry and physics for your complete hydration needs to enjoy water as nature intended. Nu comes in a four filter system and a convenient portable water bottle.

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Personal Harmoniser

Our luxury range of titanium personal harmoniser offers a stunning and fashionable design for both men and women. They come in two different types of finishing: original polished finishing as well as in 18k yellow gold plating. TITANIUM has a reputation of being highly durable and resistant to change. Titanium is stronger than steel yet surprisingly lightweight, and is highly-priced both for its health benefits and long-lasting beauty. Due to its unique properties, this material is non-magnetic and hypoallergenic, which makes it a great choice for everyday wear. It is also known that titanium absorbs radiation.

The strong ionizing properties of titanium promote a balanced piezoelectrical current throughout the body better than any other metal and help counteract the negative electromagnetic waves in our environment. The wearer may therefore notice reduced muscle stiffness and perhaps even improved metabolism andconcentration.

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SANCT information-coded essential oils is a revolutionary formulation of a combination of specific pure oil blends that are information coded using modern radionic technology. This process unites the characteristics of each certified natural ingredient with the ancient alchemy of oil history and the principles of the classical five elements of the universe. It is created to attain a well-balanced mind, body, and spirit through a modern perspective of energetic release and realignment to embark on a New Self with renewed balance.

Each oil blend has a unique Sacred Geometric pattern decoded from the energetic formulation to assist in enhancing the properties of the blend. The oils are completed with shielding and harmonising coded hologram for a total user transformative experience.

Please note that SANC No. 7 is not available at the moment.

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